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Server License information

OWI_JennyOWI_Jenny Member Posts: 7 Community Manager

The License holder is responsible for how their community members and admins conduct themselves within the server and in other community media platforms. License holders need to ensure members are held accountable for their actions within the community and server as per the Code of Conduct (CoC).

If an admin abuse report has been made against a server and an OWI representative has brought it to your attention, the license holder has up to 14 days to investigate and conclude the situation as it occurs. Should it be found that the license holder has not dealt with their members and admins actions appropriately within 14 days, they risk losing their license.

The license system is to support players to easily find servers which:

  • Have a quality server with a dedicated administration team
  • Host from reliable and powerful server hardware
  • Promote teamwork and communication in their community and/or clan
  • Provide a positive environment for new players to learn the game and play with more experienced players.
  • Use vanilla squad game mode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible).
  • Are open to the public at all times (non-passworded).

We will of course not be able to achieve the full vision of the system at launch, nor will the system ever be perfect, but our hope is that server licensing will provide a framework for greatly improving the gameplay experience of the average squad player.

We understand that it will be difficult to manage your servers and communities in this manner so we are providing some examples of acceptable actions to take if you have to deal with a player. (Ban from the server for 2 days, Ban from the server for a week, perm banned and/or removed from the community)

  1. Licensed servers have admin & debug access enabled for active OWI developers and QA. Admin commands that affect gameplay will only be used in-game with permission from the online admins before being run. It is visible to in-game admins that a Dev is joining the server. (Updated 7th July 2020)

  2. Intentional exploitation of game bugs, or trying to crash and/or cause harm to another server by you, as the server owner, or representatives of your community, could lead to your server license(s) being revoked. (Added 11th October 2017)

  3. Naming your server as an "Official" OWI server is confusing to many people and this is not allowed. Please do not use "Official" in the name or in anything related to your server. This will only lead to more issues for us and for your community. Thank you. (Added 27th December 2017)

  4. Servers of less than 60 slots will not be licensed and should remain in the Custom Server Browser. When you apply, you must put the number of slots you require. (Updated 16th February 2021)

  5. We encourage you to restart your server every day or as regular as you can. This will help your server to perform smoothly. (Added 16th February 2021)

  6. All servers need to have a unique individual name for their community server. If you are increasing to have more than one server you must include numbers to define them E.G #1, #2. (Added 3rd September 2020)

  7. As a guide communities can apply up to 4 licenses to maintain quality. However, should the community require additional licenses, justification will be required. (Added 9th March 2021)


  • OWI_JennyOWI_Jenny Member Posts: 7 Community Manager

    What will the server licensing system do?
    The system will allow the development team to issue server licenses to reliable teamwork-oriented communities & clans, which will cause their servers to be shown in the primary server list in-game. This license will come in the form of a key that needs to be listed in the server’s config files.
    All other servers which don’t have a license key will be shown on a second custom servers menu tab. The second tab is meant to show the full list of servers and will be the place where servers with custom rules and mods are listed.

    What is the CPU and performance requirements?

    I7 6700K overclocked to 4.5 ghz and higher. (Not for 100 players, 80 Max)
    I7 7700K (Not for 100 players, 80 Max)
    I7 7700K overclocked (required for 100 players)
    I7 8086K (required for 100 players)
    I7 8700K (required for 100 players)
    I7 9700K (required for 100 players)
    I9 9900K (required for 100 players)
    I9-10900K (required for 100 players)

    Intel (R) Xeon (R) W-1290P (required for 100 players)

    Ryzen 5 3600 (Not for 100 players, 80 Max)
    Ryzen 5 3600X (Not for 100 players, 80 Max)
    Ryzen 5 5600X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 7 2700X overclocked to 4.3 ghz and higher (Not for 100 players, 80 Max)
    Ryzen 7 3700X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 7 3800X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 7 5800X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 9 3900X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 9 5900X (required for 100 players)
    Ryzen 9 5950X (required for 100 players)

    **Please note 100 player servers: **
    If your server is not performing within the green health, we will come and talk to you but we may need to revoke your license until you can upgrade unless you want to reduce the size back down to 80/90.

    Reminder: You need 10 admins per server

    You need 8 GB of RAM per server to ensure it's smooth running. Our server health system is displayed for each server by colour. As a licensed server it will be your responsibility to stay in good server health which is about 15 TPS.

    GREEN: Good Server Health 15+
    YELLOW: Average Server Health 15-
    RED: Poor Server Health 10-

    How can I apply for the server license?
    You and all of your server admins will need to follow the guidelines laid out in those threads, or you will risk having your license revoked.
    If you are hosting through one of our partnered game server providers, namely:

    **10 partnered hosters **
    awn.gg | Quality Game Servers | Simplicity. Performance. Game Servers.
    Gamerzhost.de - Das Gameserverportal | Euer Game Host

    Licensed servers that use game server providers must notify Offworld Industries when they switch providers. Switching from an approved licensed server provider to a non approved server provider is prohibited. For those who rent their hardware, moving your game server to poor hardware or hosting alongside too many other game servers will cause your server to perform badly.

    You may apply for a server license via the application at Apply For Server License - OWI Licensing Portal

    For all other cases, primarily those who rent their own hardware, apply via Apply For Server License - OWI Licensing Portal

    Can a License be Revoked?
    Yes. It can happen if the dev team becomes aware that a licensed server is doing something grossly contrary to one or more of our guidelines. This can include things like:

    • Abuse of in-game administration powers.
    • Lack of administrative presence.
    • Abuse/threatening behaviour towards player appeals or other community members
    • Selling licensed servers to other communities
    • Promoting poor in-game culture, contrary to Squad’s goals of teamwork and communication-oriented gameplay.
      *Facilitating an environment that is hostile to new players and/or other players in the community.
      *Failing to use “vanilla” Squad files.
      *Intentional exploitation of game bugs, or trying to crash and/or cause harm to another server by you, as the server owner, or representatives of your community, could lead to your server license(s) being revoked.

    Please note that once we have issued a license, we will work with the community involved before revoking a license unless there is a very serious violation of our guidelines. In the event that we consider revoking a license, the circumstances will be analyzed carefully and on a case-by-case basis, and the server owner will be notified via email on their server license application.

    My Clan/Community/Server did not receive a license, what can I do?
    Remember that if you do not receive a license, you can still host a server!
    Work on building a dedicated, quality admin team and growing your community and simply apply again when you are confident you have made progress. We will always be open to revisiting an application.

    What happens if I am reported for admin abuse?
    When a server has a complaint against them, this will be investigated by the licensing manager. There is now a two-step warning system, which the server owner will be emailed. The emails will be recorded and placed on file. The system is the following:

    1st warning
    License revoked

    However, this is based on a case by case, pending on the severity of the situation, will pend on actions taken. An investigation will always be completed and will be recorded onto a file.

    We do not want to see anyone lose their server license and will take steps to prevent this from happening.

    Having server/Hosting issues?
    Please join the hosting discord for more support: https://discord.gg/ZQyT5Zh

  • OWI_JennyOWI_Jenny Member Posts: 7 Community Manager

    What is admin abuse?

    Admin abuse is when a server is in breach of the administration guidelines, licensing information and/or the Code of Conduct (also known as CoC).

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